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Florida Law Firm


We are a law firm and not a referral service. Clients benefit from the collective experience of our Florida Attorneys.
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All legal services performed by our Florida Attorneys with an average of 20 yrs of experience.
Florida Law Firm


Clearly priced Legal Services without the uncertainty associated with hourly billing.

Florida Lawyers


Fast & efficient delivery of Legal Services using the latest technology through our web-based platform.
Florida Law Firm


Legal Services designed to reduce the risks associated with expensive and unnecessary litigation.

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Use our website to select the Legal Service you need, then register as a client.
Florida Law Firm
Follow easy to understand steps to pay for your service, upload any necessary documents, then schedule a conference with one of our Florida Attorneys.
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You will promptly receive the document or contract you requested and / or have the conference you scheduled with one of our Florida Attorneys.

At LegalStandard.comSM we appreciate that your time is important. That is why we created our web-based platform to provide legal services in an efficient and convenient manner. While technology is an important aspect of our services, we also understand the personal nature of the attorney-client relationship and the importance of having direct contact with our clients. That is why all of our services include a one-on-one consultation with a Florida Attorney at a time that is convenient for you.

What People Are Saying

I use℠ to review or draft all of my contracts – everything from non-compete agreements to leases to employment agreements to loan agreements. I always feel informed and comfortable with every contract I sign.

Mark G. Clearwater

My wife and I have been very fortunate with our yoga business. Our business has grown and expanded over the years and recently we were approached by several clients who wanted to open new locations. The attorneys at℠ explained the franchising process to us and worked with us in preparing all of the franchise disclosure documents and contracts we needed to franchise our business.℠ even helped us prepare our operations manual. They made the process easy and affordable. We knew exactly how much the process would cost and it was a great investment.℠ also helped close all of our franchises and explained the agreements to our new franchisees. We felt comfortable that our franchisees understood their rights and our expectations. We also felt comfortable that we were in compliance with all of the laws and regulations governing franchises.

Chip F Jacksonville

LegalStandard helped me review a real estate contract I had signed. I just wish I had contacted them before executing the agreement. Would have saved me valuable time.

Dena R.