Assistance with Business Law in Miami, FL

Miami, FL, has been a hotspot for art, music and design for years. As the South Florida population continues to grow, Miami is constantly redefining the scope of its cultural influence. Whether it’s new art studios in Wynwood, fashion retailers in the Design District, the many restaurants on South Beach, or the numerous contractors building or renovating buildings throughout the Miami area, local businesses are taking advantage of this thriving market.

A favorable market breeds growth and competition which means a mounting need for business law representation. Businesses that fail to get the legal guidance they need run the risk of falling out of compliance with government standards or being named in a costly and time-consuming lawsuit. The good news is that can assist clients in the Miami area with all of their business law needs.

How Can Our Business Law Experts Help You?

Many business owners make the mistake of not addressing legal issues until they become a problem. Unfortunately, once you receive a demand letter or get named in a lawsuit it may be too late to effectively and efficiently address a legal issue. Without question, proactively addressing a legal issue is much less costly than prosecuting or defending a lawsuit. Every business needs legal assistance; it’s just a matter of timing as to when you seek the help you need.

Fortunately, has created an online platform that simplifies the process of getting the legal help you need. The goal is to make legal services more accessible to business owners in the hope they will proactively seek legal help rather than waiting until there is a lawsuit. Some of the most popular areas of practice for our Miami clients include:

  • New Business Formation –’s Florida attorneys advise entrepreneurs on their options of operating as an LLC, a C Corp or an S-Corp. We also help draft all of the necessary operating agreements and bylaws designed to minimize the risk of conflict between owners.
  • Corporate Law – There is a saying in the legal industry that good contracts make good business partners. Whether your business needs an agreement reviewed or a fully customized contract drafted, our Florida attorneys can help.
  • Employment Law –’s employment services benefit businesses of all sizes. Businesses with 1, 100 or even 10,000 employees all face similar compliance issues. We can help with employment agreements, employee handbooks, non-compete agreements and more.
  • Intellectual Property – In Miami’s forward-thinking business market, companies are spending considerable amounts of time and money developing intellectual property to keep them on the cutting edge. can help protect your investment by obtaining trademarks or copyrights on intellectual property so that competitors don’t improperly profit from your hard work.

Your Business Lawyer

The areas touched on above are just a few ways that can help Miami business owners. In addition to the areas listed above, we help clients in matters that include, but are not limited to, real estate, immigration, franchise and estate planning matters. All services are designed with your business in mind – they are customized to your needs, offered in an efficient and timely manner, and at an upfront fixed fee.

No matter the business law need, can help you address your issue before it becomes a problem. Visit us today at or call us at 800-670-8051.