Select the legal service you wish to purchase and press the Get Started button

2 Complete and submit the Client Registration page. The information from this page is used to determine if there is any potential conflict which may prevent us from representing you. This page also requires that you consent to the Terms and Conditions associated with the specific service you are purchasing.
3 Confirm the accuracy of your order and complete the Checkout page. You will immediately receive an email acknowledging your payment. Your payment will be deposited into our Trust Account until your attorney has completed a majority of the legal service you purchased, as specifically set forth in the Terms and Conditions, at which time your payment will be transferred to our Operating Account and deemed an earned legal fee. Your payment is fully refundable while it is in our Trust Account, but becomes non-refundable when it is transferred into our Operating Account.
4 You will receive a second email within four business hours of your order assigning you a specific attorney that will be assisting you with your legal need as well as additional instructions you may find helpful regarding the legal service you purchased. This email will also include a link to our secure portal where you will upload any documents that your attorney will need to review and where you will find any questionnaire or form you will need to complete for the legal service you selected. Finally, this email will include a link to our scheduling system where you will select the date, time and method of your initial conference with your attorney.
5 After you have uploaded all of the documents for your attorney to review, you will have a telephonic or video consultation with your attorney. Your attorney will then complete any document, agreement or analysis included in the legal service you purchased, and, in some situations, have a follow-up consultation with you. Your completed legal document, agreement or analysis will be provided to you through the secure portal.
6 If you would like an additional conference with your attorney or another round of revisions to any document, these options will be made available to you at the time your final document or agreement is delivered or at the time of your last attorney conference. After all legal services have been completed, you will receive an email with an optional survey. This survey is important because it allows us to evaluate your experience and the attorney that served you in the hope of constantly improving the services we provide our current and future clients.

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