Terms and Conditions

By acknowledging, accepting and consenting to these Terms and Conditions, you, the Client, agree to hire LegalStandard.com℠, a professional association organized pursuant to Chapter 621, Florida Statutes, to review the business agreement provided by the Client and advise the Client regarding such agreement pursuant to and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. The business agreements reviewed by LegalStandard.com℠ include, but are not limited to, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Letter of Intent Agreements, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Licensing Agreements, Equipment Sale Agreements, and Equipment Lease Agreements.

The legal services provided by LegalStandard.com℠ include a thirty (30) minute initial consultation, a review of an agreement or contract in excess of twenty (20) pages in length, and a sixty (60) minute follow-up consultation after LegalStandard.com℠ has reviewed the contract or agreement. The scope of LegalStandard.com℠’s representation does not include accounting, tax, financial, appraisal, business, management, and non-legal matters and advice. To the extent further work or additional services are requested by the Client, including, but not limited to, additional consultations, the Client is responsible for scheduling and paying the additional fees and/or costs associated with the additional services and work.

The Client acknowledges that LegalStandard.com℠’s advice and services are based upon the information and documents provided by the Client. LegalStandard.com℠ is not responsible for any error caused by inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Client. Also, the Client acknowledges that LegalStandard.com℠ cannot and does not warrant or guarantee any particular result or outcome as a result of its representation of the Client in this matter.

The Client acknowledges that the “turnaround” time referenced on LegalStandard.com℠’s website is only an estimate and can vary based upon many factors including, but not limited to, the complexity of the agreement or contract, the scope of the Client’s concerns about the agreement or contract, the attorney’s availability, the Client’s availability and the information and/or documents provided by the Client. The Client will be notified in advance if LegalStandard.com℠ is unable to complete the requested legal services within the estimated “turnaround” time.

The Client acknowledges that LegalStandard.com℠’s attorneys are licensed to practice law in the State of Florida only.

The Client agrees to immediately pay to LegalStandard.com℠ a retainer fee deposit in the amount quoted by LegalStandard.com℠. This retainer deposit will be held in trust until the initial consultation has been conducted, at such time the retainer deposit will be deemed a fee earned by LegalStandard.com℠. LegalStandard.com℠’s fees are based on the amount of time spent by LegalStandard.com℠’s attorneys and staff, the complexity and skill required, and similar factors. This fee does not include any services, including, revisions to the agreement or contract or any contract drafting.

Any or all of the attorneys, paralegals and staff of LegalStandard.com℠ may perform work for the Client in this matter as the need arises. All work is included in the fee set forth above. We invite our clients to promptly discuss with us any questions they have concerning a fee charged for any matter.

An initial conflict check is conducted by LegalStandard.com℠ during the Client Registration process. This is only an initial conflict check, and this screening process may not identify every conflict or potential conflict. To the extent a conflict or potential conflict is identified during this initial screening process, the Client will immediately receive a notification and will not be allowed to proceed with the registration process. To the extent a conflict or potential conflict is identified after the registration process has been completed, the Client will be notified immediately in writing. If LegalStandard.com℠ has to withdraw as a result of the conflict or potential conflict, the Client will be refunded all fees paid for the requested legal services.

LegalStandard.com℠ may terminate this agreement and/or decline to represent the Client at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, if the firm is required to do so in accordance with the rules of professional conduct governing attorneys. If LegalStandard.com℠ terminates this agreement, any retainer or fee paid by the Client will be refunded to the Client. The Client may terminate this agreement for any reason, subject to the Client’s contractual liability to LegalStandard.com℠ for the services rendered, including all fees then deemed earned, costs and other expenses incurred on the Client’s behalf. In the event of termination, LegalStandard.com℠ has all general, possessory, charging, and retaining liens known to common or statutory law.

If there is any dispute over the fee charged by LegalStandard.com℠ or any other aspect of LegalStandard.com℠’s representation of the Client, the Client agrees to be subject to the personal jurisdiction of the state courts of the State of Florida and further agrees that the venue of any legal proceedings arising out of this agreement shall be the state courts in Duval County, Florida. The prevailing party in any such dispute will be entitled to recover its attorney’s fees and costs.

The Client acknowledges that the legal services to be performed by LegalStandard.com℠ involve the website www.LegalStandard.com.com. The Client is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his or her account and password and for restricting access to his or her computer, phone or other device used to access this website. The Client agrees to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under his or her account or password.

As set forth in the Terms of Use, LegalStandard.com℠ grants you the Client a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license to access and make personal use of this website and to purchase this service through this website. The Client reaffirms his or her knowledge of, agreement with and adherence to the Terms of Use.

You must be 18 years of age and able to enter into a contract to purchase this service.

LegalStandard.com℠ is bound by the terms of its Privacy Policy and will not share any of the Client’s information, documents submitted or work product created by LegalStandard.com℠ without the written consent of the Client or unless such disclosure is required by a subpoena or is included in the service performed by LegalStandard.com℠, such as filing Articles of Incorporation with the State of Florida.

We thank you for asking us to assist you in this matter and look forward to working with you.