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My wife and I have been very fortunate with our yoga business. Our business has grown and expanded over the years and recently we were approached by several clients who wanted to open new locations. The attorneys at LegalStandard.com℠ explained the franchising process to us and worked with us in preparing all of the franchise disclosure documents and contracts we needed to franchise our business. LegalStandard.com℠ even helped us prepare our operations manual. They made the process easy and affordable. We knew exactly how much the process would cost and it was a great investment. LegalStandard.com℠ also helped close all of our franchises and explained the agreements to our new franchisees. We felt comfortable that our franchisees understood their rights and our expectations. We also felt comfortable that we were in compliance with all of the laws and regulations governing franchises.

Chip F Jacksonville

Thank you for your help and assistance with the power of attorney for my mother. The personal phone calls were greatly appreciated. Your attorney was able to walk me through the process and answer any questions I had. The website was easy to use and the power of attorney was exactly what we needed for my family. I will definitely recommend LegalStandard.com.com to my friends and family. Thank you again for all of your help.

Keith M. Tallahassee

The attorneys at LegalStandard.com℠ were extremely helpful after I was told I was being laid off from my job as part of a downsizing strategy. It was a very difficult time for me and my family, but the attorneys made me feel at ease with the situation. They reviewed my separation agreement and explained all of my rights to me. I felt informed and confident that I was receiving everything I was entitled to receive. LegalStandard.com℠ really helped me out and I will use them to review my next employment agreement.

Alex M. Jacksonville

I recently bought a franchised business. The franchisor provided me with all of the required disclosure documents that were quite lengthy, detailed and somewhat overwhelming. I really thought the franchise was a great opportunity, but I was nervous because it was such a large investment. The attorneys at LegalStandard.com℠ reviewed the documents provided by the franchisor and explained everything to me. They answered all of my questions and let me know what was usual and unusual about the franchisor’s requirements. The review process helped me understand what I should expect from the franchisor. I ended up buying the franchise and I recently opened my store. I really appreciate all LegalStandard.com’s guidance.

Heather E. Fernandina Beach

Thank you for your spot-on advice and support regarding my employment agreement. I really appreciate how quickly you learned about and addressed my concerns. I will keep you in mind for all similar matters.

Carl H. Jacksonville

I use LegalStandard.com℠ as my business’s outside general counsel. They help us with all of our legal needs. They review or draft our contracts, answer all of our legal questions and have even guided us through an unfortunate situation when we received a demand letter from someone who wanted to sue us. Our business has grown from one location to five and LegalStandard.com℠ has been there every step of the way.

Allison F. Jacksonville

I use LegalStandard.com℠ to review or draft all of my contracts – everything from non-compete agreements to leases to employment agreements to loan agreements. I always feel informed and comfortable with every contract I sign.

Mark G. Clearwater


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