The Benefits of a Legal Checkup

Benjamin Franklin first uttered his famous quote that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” in 1735. His belief that preventing a problem now is much easier than being forced to resolve it later is just as applicable today as it was over 280 years ago. This concept is especially relevant to many of the legal issues facing individuals and small businesses in today’s society as the costs associated with resolving a problem through litigation continue to increase.

It is a commonly known fact that civil lawsuits are expensive and that the only winners are the lawyers. Regardless of whether you are a plaintiff or defendant in a civil lawsuit, attorneys’ fees alone can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and unfortunately, representing yourself is not a viable option in most cases. These costs can be financially devastating to most individuals and small businesses because in many cases attorneys’ fees cannot be recovered as damages even if you are the successful party in the lawsuit.

What is even more frustrating is that many lawsuits could have been avoided if the parties would have consulted with an attorney before taking whatever action or inaction that led to the lawsuit. Unfortunately, once you are served with a lawsuit it is too late. Moreover, almost always this preventative legal advice would have cost a fraction of the legal fees incurred prosecuting or defending the lawsuit. This problem is the reason behind LegalStandard.comsm places emphasis on proactive legal care. Our goal is clear, we want to keep our clients out of the courtroom.

The first step in keeping our clients out of the courtroom is getting to know our clients through our innovative Legal Checkup service. This service helps our clients, and us, to recognize potential legal issues before they become problems in the hope of preventing a lawsuit. In 2016, the American Bar Association’s Commission on the Future of Legal Services issued a report recommending that “individuals should have regular legal checkups.” (Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States, pg. 43). This report equated legal checkups to medical checkups and stated that individuals should have a legal checkup “on a periodic basis, especially when major life events occur” like getting married, having children, starting a new job, starting your own business or buying a home. (Id., pgs. 43-44). The concept is that if individuals understand the potential legal concerns they are facing, they can take the actions necessary to either avoid a costly lawsuit or limit their exposure if the courtroom cannot be avoided.

At LegalStandard.comsm our Legal Checkup service starts with a broad survey that addresses potential issues regarding:

  1. Real Estate, including residential and investment properties;
  2. Asset protection;
  3. Insurance coverage;
  4. Employment, including job security, access to benefits, and non-compete and non-disclosure obligations;
  5. Pending or threatened litigation; and
  6. Debts owed or owing.

LegalStandard.comsm believes this tool should be thorough, but also convenient and easy for our clients to understand. LegalStandard.comsmis a web-based platform that allows our clients to complete the questionnaire online at their convenience from their home or office. The questionnaire is delivered to our clients through our secure portal that insures information will be exchanged in a confidential and secure manner. This heightened level of security provides for open and honest responses from our clients which allows LegalStandard.comsm to better understand our clients’ potential legal concerns. LegalStandard.comsm also believes Legal Checkup should be available to a broad sector of our population so that is why this service is offered at a fixed fee of only $350.00 for an individual.

LegalStandard.comsm also offers a separate Legal Checkup service for businesses because businesses can benefit from a periodic Legal Checkup just as much, if not more, that an individual. This service is designed to examine a business’:

  1. Corporate structure and maintenance;
  2. Contracts;
  3. Employment and hiring practices;
  4. Asset protection, including protecting any intellectual property;
  5. Commercial lease and/or issues regarding the place of business;
  6. Insurance;
  7. Pending or threatened litigation; and
  8. Debts owed and owing.

This service is offered to businesses at a fixed cost of $550.00.

It is important for clients to recognize that Legal Checkups are designed to only identify legal issues, not to solve them. A Legal Checkup is only the first step in preventing a lawsuit. The next step is developing a plan that includes a budget to address each of the potential concerns that are identified in the Legal Checkup. Then the plan must be implemented in a timely and competent manner. That is why LegalStandard.comsm believes its Legal Checkup is the most effective checkup on the market, much more effective than those checkups offered through legal associations and services that cannot follow through with a plan to resolve the concerns. LegalStandard.comsm is a full-service law firm that cannot only identify our clients’ legal concerns, but also work with our clients at every stage in addressing these concerns. Because LegalStandard.comsm is a law firm, our clients enjoy the benefit of our attorneys’ collective knowledge and experience while identifying and addressing every legal concern.